Can you track a Fastway van?

Customers can track the parcel by adding a tracking code on our website. This code is given on the prescription that the customers receive from the company after sending the courier.

The tracking code consists of 2 letters and 10 numeric digits. You can find that code in this form “AA1873254859”. The company uses Vans to send the parcel in the country while it uses airplanes to send the parcels out of the country.

Keep in mind! That tracking code is just for your parcel. When you add that code to our website then it will show you the location of the parcel only. So, you can only track the parcel, not the whole Van.

Moreover, if you see “No Scan” this means that the company has not received your parcel.

If you see the scanning report as positive, then it will show you the location of your parcel. Moreover, you can scan multiple parcels at a time.

fastway tracking

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