Is Fastway part of Australia Post?

Fastway is an Australian courier company with very fast service. In 1993, Fastway started its work with small franchises in Australia. But after 20 years, Fastway became a part of the Aramex family which is also a courier company. 

After some time, the honor of Fastway and Aramex decided to join venture with the Australia post to target the e-commerce marketplace of the whole world. After doing that, Fastway got massive projects about the delivery of couriers. 

In that contract, the work of the Australia post is that it will handle the mile delivery services for parcel volumes generated by the JV. at the same time, Fastway’s work is that it will deliver the courier out of the country.

CEO of Aramex said that “we are waiting to combine our resources and expertise with Australia post to build a global e-commerce delivery platform.”

While the CEO of Australia Post said that “ this partnership with Fastway will help the Australian e-commerce market growth and also it will provide a platform to Australian small businessmen to take their work at the global level.

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